Hello everyone.
Recently Caznowl has been in financial, technical and management troubles. While donations have been able to sustain it for a bit longer, cazzar and I no longer have the money, time, effort or will to run the servers anymore. While we were able to run it from (mostly) our own funds, donations and ad revenue, we are unable to provide the funds or time to keep it alive.

Therefore, I regret to announce the closing of Caznowl. While I personally have had lots of fun over the 3 years we have been running for, it is just not possible to run the servers anymore. All game servers will be closing and the forums. The only servers that will remain will be this webpage.

All of our available data (e.g classic server source) that is remaining is available here. Other data may be available later.

I would personally like to thank our staff for helping run the servers for so long. You are what made Caznowl run, and without you Caznowl would have not been able to survive for so long.

If you still want to keep in contact with your caznowl buddies, you can join us @ http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Caznowl